Wednesday, 14 February 2007

They're Young and They Avenge

Martha Stewart
Jessica Simpson Interview, with no breast shot
24 Special on Superheroes by Wizard Magazine


What did the Young Avengers have that the Outsiders didn't?

Two gay guys?
We have two lesbians who are hot and if that fails, we could always use Robin.
A speedster???
Well...Owen can have short bursts of speed and we could always trick Bart in to joining the Avengers.

Now I know I should welcome these new heroes with welcome arms in to the community, but I mean come on! Just because you're minature versions of the Avengers doesn't make you great and it's also unfair. Generation X wasn't proclaimed to be a great super teen team, they were attacked and killed instead. Now I know how Xavier feels after Wolverine was declared greatest mutant by Wizard Magazine.
This is the last time I pay attention to anything Wizard related.

Whiney fanboys.


cooltopten said...

yeh thats messed up voting wolverine the greatest mutant,poor xavier .Dont listen to Wizard Magazine and polls I say.Thanks for stoppig by my blog.Keep up the goos work Nightwing

Local Henchmen 432 said...

I think you are a badass.However, if you want a better rep.Kick Batman's ass.I know you could do it.

Justice said...

HI your cute.. Are you Bart (he is my boyfriend) are you his friend or are you Robin's brother or what... I am Justice by the way...

Nightwing said...

Cooltopten: Your blog is, well, COOL! I've learn't my lesson now, though I should've learnt when Wizard badmouthed Tobey Maguire before the release if Spider-Man.
Local Henchmen: I could and I would, but he's not on the top of my list, unlike Kon-El.
Justice: Aww, Bart has a girlfriend! Im not really friends with Bart, like the Titans. Though we're not blood related. Tim might as well be my brother.

X-23 said...


Kon-El said...

Wait what did I do you? Besides call ya " Dick" but thatt's your name !

J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter said...

Wizard sucks anyways.